Towards the Spiritual Convergence of America and Russia: American Mind and Russian Soul, American Individuality and Russian Community, and the Potent Alchemy of National Characteristics


In this book, independent American scholar, philosopher and journalist Stephen Lapeyrouse addresses the global issues of national consciousness and fundamental spiritual values, traces the evolution of the ‘American Dream’ and observes the revival of ‘Holy Russia’ after 70 years of Communist regime. He compares Western reason and Eastern faith and proves one needs another, explores spiritual connections between two great nations on the example of such kindred philosophical movements as American Transcendentalism (R. W. Emerson, H. D. Thoreau ) and Russian Slavophilism (I. Kireyevsky, A. Khomyakov).

Lapeyrouse points to the necessity of mutually beneficial spiritual convergence of two countries without losing their uniqueness. Far from being a dry academic research, the book is written in a lively ingenuous manner and based on author’s personal experience and profound knowledge of history and culture of America and Russia. First published in 1990 after author’s annual travels to Russia since 1986, the book is now available for free download.

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