Moscow, Russia, a vast metropolis of more than 17 million people. Russia – a fast developing economy, but still relying heavily on expat expertise. So the result is an estimated 150,000 expats living and working in Moscow.

Moscow expat Life was created to provide the entire expat community in Moscow with a high quality and informative magazine addressing all aspects of living and working in this great city.

Moscow expat Life is printed quarterly and is carefully distributed to ensure excellent coverage amongst the cross-cultural expat communities in the city. We report on the diverse and dynamic activities and cover business, social and charitable events. We produce articles which are both interesting and informative both for people that live here and for people who are thinking of making the move to Moscow. Moscow expat Life has become an important source of useful information for the entire community.

Moscow expat Life has become integrated with most business and social clubs in Moscow reporting on developments amongst our community. Moscow expat Life also created the highly successful Moscow Good Food Club providing lovers of food and wine the opportunity to enjoy wonderful evenings of high quality in Moscow’s better restaurants.

Whilst we target the expats in Moscow we now find that an increasing number of well-educated Russians are also enjoying our magazine, further broadening our coverage.

Some facts:-

  • More than 150,000 expats living and working in Moscow
  • Majority on above average salaries
  • Many hold influential positions in top Russian companies
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit – many have their own companies

There is only one magazine that can help deliver an advertising message to this target audience, Moscow expat Life.

Our facts:-

  • Moscow’s only 96 page full colour expat magazine
  • 25,000 copies with more than 65,000 readers
  • Printed quarterly so you advertisement active for more than 2 months
  • Also read by Russian professionals

Actions from Moscow expat life

Moscow expat Life is pleased to support Business Clubs, Social events and charities. Please send details and we can help you.

Moscow Good Food Club

Now becoming the premier club for both expats and Russians who enjoy high quality food with appropriate wines in congenial company. Meeting monthly the Moscow Good Food Club is an opportunity for Moscow’s Chefs to excel in producing a gourmet meal for the enjoyment of people that really appreciate fine dining. These events are covered in detail in the magazine.


Issue 1 – November 2012


Issue 2 – Spring 2013


Issue 3 – Autumn 2013


Issue 4 – Autumn 2013

The people behind Moscow expat Life

Kim Waddoup

Kim Waddoup, Publisher, has been involved in business and life in Moscow since 1992. His influence and connections amongst the business and social scenes in Moscow are vast. With publishing Experience dating back over one decade in Moscow his experience and enthusiasm to produce a high quality magazine for the entire community in Moscow is the driving force behind Moscow expat Life.

John Harrison

John Harrison, Editor, has a long journalistic background and was first introduced to Moscow in 1987. His journalistic experiences in the early days of modern Russia will fill a book. Also well known and highly respected in the Moscow expat community, John is an artist and brings amazing creativity and depth to both his ideas and articles. John is fluent Russian speaker with a passionate understanding of the Russian soul.

Contact Moscow expat Life

Telephone: +7 495 777 2577

Publisher: Kim Waddoup,
Editor: John Harrison,
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